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This is a central location for information relating to the functional running of the site.  Use the question form available in each of the 9 categories on this page.  Please don't hesitate to jump right in and let us know when something is not quite right.  We want your experience on the site to be as great as the one you will have at the Games.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Help – General Info

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Member Questions About Site

No questions found. shares content posting tips with its members

Posting Tips:

1. Search First(search bar is under "add question" button above):
--Your question & answers may already be listed.

2. Where Do You Post Your Question, Find Answers?
--Review and select your category of interest from the right hand column of links
--Answers to your questions will be on your Athlete Member Home Page

3. Choose A Good Title:
--Include tags(keywords) for best results.

4. Include as Much Info as Possible In Description

5. Deleting / Editing Posts:

--We reserve the right to delete questions or answers that are in violation of our Terms Of Service or Privacy Policy

6. Don’t post things you aren’t 100% okay with being public.

7. Be nice, respect each other and remember we are all here for information, support and growth.

Questions On How To Setup/Use Your Site Profile

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Member Questions About How To Use Groups

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How To Post An Event, How To Share News Of An Event

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Report Missing Images, Videos, Podcasts

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Report Dead Links

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Report Misspellings, Grammatical Errors, Punctuation & Other Deviant Ssite Behavior

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